Working at Height Rules

Shelving is installed at SoMakeIt at provided for storing membership boxes, projects in progress, and other Makerspace materials and equipment. Ladders are also provided for access. The following rules apply to all members retrieving or replacing items stored at height.

  1. Use an appropriate ladder for accessing items that are out of reach.
  2. Do not put ladders on tables or other surfaces – use a taller ladder.
  3. Do not climb on shelving, it is not strong enough to support a person – use a ladder.
  4. Make sure the ladder is placed firmly and securely on the ground so it is stable and is not obstructed.
  5. When using a single-sided ladder, get another person to hold the bottom to stop it slipping if necessary.
  6. Make sure the ladder is locked into its A-frame shape where the function exists e.g. folding step ladders.
  7. Wear appropriate footwear for using ladders – do not wear loose footwear such as slippers or flipflops.
  8. Make sure you can safely reach the item from where the ladder is located without over-balancing or tipping.
  9. Do not throw items down from height – climb down the ladder with them or pass them to another person if it is safe to do so.

If you cannot reach the items you require within the rules above then stop and contact a Trustee so we can provide a safe way to retrieve the item, or further risk-access the item’s retrieval and relocate it so it can be accessed safely in the future.