Southampton Shed Group

We also host a shed group at SoMakeIt on Tuesday and Friday mornings (9am – 12:30pm). For more information on “Shedding”, click here

What is a “shed group”?

Traditionally known as a “Mens Shed”, shed groups are made up of likeminded individuals who enjoy making, building and socialising. The majority of shed attendees are retired men who are looking for a way to continue their curiosity and passion, whilst also having social opportunities and a chance to engage with the local community. Our shed group have a custom workshop with a wide variety of woodworking, metalworking and engineering tools. Our shed group are active members, who have regular making and design projects on the go. The shed group is not limited to retirees, anyone can join, however the majority of “shedders” tend to be. If you are looking for a place to continue making and applying your skills, whilst meeting new people, please get in touch or just turn up on a Tuesday or Friday morning!