Please read the third party welding safety information, manuals, and the risk assessment below.

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Date of Assessment28/1/2023Version1.0
EquipmentMIG/TIG/Manual Arc Welders
Details of activity 
Induction / Role RequiredNone
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  • This risk assessment is intended to provide guidance on the risk associated with the above equipment and activities in normal use.
  • Please also check general risk assessments for the area within which this equipment or activity is based.
  • Any discrepancies, errors or concerns should be raised with the document authors, area specialists (e.g. admins, superusers) or trustees.

Understanding Risk Rating:

Risk RatingAction
LOWEnsure current control measures are in place and continue with activity
MEDControl measures may be adequate, co-supervision is recommended
HIGHDo not undertake activity without further consultation with area specialists

Risk Assessment:

Identify HazardsWho may be harmed and howSeverityControl MeasuresLikelihoodRisk Rating
Something with the potential to cause harmUsers, bystanders or particular at risk groupsLow / Medium / HighWhat is in place to reduce the harm or likelihood.Low / Medium / High 
Radiation from light and heat.UsersHighOperators are competent in the use of the welding equipment. Full welding masks with a full UV and IR light filter are to be worn during all welding work. Welders flash can cause blindness and affect eyesight. Fire retardant gloves are to be worn. Fire retardant overalls are to be worn. Hot material is to be treated with care and watched until sufficiently cool as not to pose a fire risk. All material must be fully secured in place using appropriate clamps to earth before the weld commences. Location of the supply emergency stop buttons will be clearly marked and known to the operator. If the equipment is not in satisfactory working order it should not be used.MediumMedium
Slips Trips and FallsUsers, BystandersMediumWear shoes or boots with non-slip soles, in particular in wet or snowy weather – make sure excessive wet isn’t tracked into the space. Ensure that good standards of housekeeping are maintained at all times, cables and other equipment will be managed so as not to cause a trip hazard.Medium  Low
The light emitted by the weld can be dangerous to others who look directly at the it.BystandersHighScreens must be put in place to protect others in the area. Welding tools will not be left unattended. The area will be made safe at the end of each shift.Medium    Low
Injury from incorrect manual handlingUsersMediumLifting equipment provided where loads are heavy including sack / trolleys. Dual lifting to be used on awkward lifts. Do not lift beyond your capabilities, ask for help. Use mechanical aids wherever practical.Medium      Low
Fire from Hot WorkUsers, bystanders, publicHighIt should be ensured that there is no combustible material in close proximity to the work. Suitable protection should be provided for any combustible items that cannot be moved and for combustible construction such as wooden worktops. A check should be carried out on all of the surrounding areas to minimise the possibility of ignition by heat transfer. Powder extinguishers are be provided in the space. Hot work’ should be stopped a reasonable time before leaving the space. A thorough inspection of the area should be undertaken once the work is complete after completion. Where necessary, a further check should be carried out before leaving the space. Welding rods are to be cooled in a water filled bucket before disposal, or placed in a sand bucket, not discarded.Medium    Medium
Use of gas bottles, leaks and high pressure discharge.Users, bystanders, publicHighBottles must be secured in the upright position, preferably on a trolley to aid mobility. All gauges, hoses, bagging and torches must be examined before use, any faulty equipment must be repaired or replaced prior to use. All gas located at the space is inert – Argon or Co2. No flammable gas may be kept at the space.Medium      Low