Fire Evacuation

Fire Evacuation Plan
Emergency Evacuation Plan for : SoMakeIt Ltd
Premises address and contact numberUnit F Liners Ind Estate, Pitt Lane, Southampton, SO15 3FQ
Plan date01/10/21
Review date01/10/22
Sound of the alarm
The sound of the alarm will be a continuously ringing bell or shouting of the word “FIRE”  
Raising the alarm
In the event of a fire beginning: If the fire is discovered by a staff member or a visitor notifies a staff member of a fire, the alarm will be raised by: activation of the nearest call point or commencing manual warning by shouting the word “FIRE” 
Action staff should take on hearing the alarm
The following actions will be taken upon the fire alarm being sounded/raised: A keyholder will take charge and lead in the fire evacuation. A keyholder will assess the size and nature of the fire to assess whether a fire extinguisher should be used (fires should be no bigger than a waste paper basket and only involve fuels A, B or Electrical). Dial 999 and request attendance by the Fire Service.  Keyholder gives their name, name of building, building address (as detailed above), contact number and details of fire. A Keyholder will commence evacuation of the building – ensuring this is done in a calm and orderly manner (providing assistance to those needing additional help in evacuating). Keyholder to sweep building to ensure all areas are clear (including back areas) if safe to do so and ensure all doors are closed on the way out If safe to do, electrical mains and gas supplies should be switched off before leaving the building. The location of these are detailed below. Keyholder to ensure nobody re-enters the building until confirmed safe to do so by the Fire Service. Meet at assembly point and check all members are accounted for. Keyholder to liaise with Fire Service upon their arrival
Escape routes
The escape routes from the building are: (detail designated fire escape routes) Through the front door and to the right into the car park   Through the rear workshop door and to the left into the car park
Fire assembly point
The assembly point is: Car Park
Fighting fires – Extinguisher use
Fire extinguishers will only be used where: Members feel confident in their useWhere it is deemed safe to do so i.e. there is a clear means of escape, fire is small   Personal safety always takes priority and, if in any doubt, members should not attempt to extinguish a fire
Location of key safety hazards or other fire related equipment
Gas supply shut off: N/AMains fuse box: On wall behind soldering stationMains water inlet: Under sinkGas/oxygen cylinders: Next to welding station in workshopLocation of fire alarm panel: N/A
Number of staff needed to carry out evacuation plan
To implement the evacuation plan, 1 keyholder is needed. 
Equipment needed to effect the emergency plan
No additional equipment will be needed to effect the emergency plan  
Variations to plan
No alternative variations should be needed in any circumstances.  
Back up arrangements
If fire alarm fails, the person who discovers the fire will shout an alert to all other members
For ensuring plan is up to dateTrustees
For ensuring adequate staff are on duty to carry out the evacuation planTrustees
For training staff on the evacuation plan and in their roles and responsibilitiesTrustees

Fire Evacuation Routes