Fair Use Policy

So Make It supplies many items and consumables for use by members in their personal
projects, as well as space activities. Use of some of these incur a charge, some a discretionary
donation, and others are free.

Chargeable items
The items listed below incur a usage charge, unless the use is specifically for space projects or
maintenance. The charges vary and are displayed adjacent to the item storage locations.
Payment is expected through an honesty system – members must pay for the use of these items
by placing cash into the pink tin by the entrance door, or by bank transfer.

● 3d printer filament
● Laser time
● Drinks and vending machine snacks
● Items in the Mini Bar (payment via the pink tin unless the items have separate payment
instructions e.g. paying a specific member)

Discretionary donation items
Many consumable type items or materials are donated to the space by members or the public,
or have been sourced by the organisation. The space does not always purchase these, but they
are intended to make it easier for members to do projects or to improve the space. It is expected
that users of these items will pay for them on a discretionary basis (donating a sum they believe
is suitable) when using them in their personal projects. Donations should be put into the pink tin
by the entrance door, or by bank transfer.

Examples of these items are:
● Electronics components, wire, etc
● Acrylic plastic
● Wood
● Metal
● Paint and chemicals, including epoxy
● Defunct equipment that the trustees have deemed to be surplus to requirements and not
sell-able (these will be advertised on Slack).
● Screws and hardware

Free to use items
Items such as those listed below are deemed to be free to use (this list is not exhaustive). They
are purchased by So Make It to ensure that members can complete projects, use equipment
that requires consumables, and maintain the space.

● Cleaning products and equipment
● CA glue, wood glue, and tapes● Abrasives, blades, and drill bits (sand paper, grinding disks and wheels, knife blades,
● Solder, flux, etc
● Lubricating oils for machinery
● Drill bits
● Welding rods and shielding gases

Fair use rules
1. Space projects have unlimited free use of items in any category (except food & drink).
2. Members can buy and use as many chargeable items as they wish.
3. 3d filament is charged by gram – scales are available in the 3d printing area. Laser time
is per minute, rounded up.
4. Discretionary donations are on a “pay what it is worth to you” basis, but members are
encouraged to consider the retail value of similar items when making a donation.
5. Using excessive amounts of discretionary donation and free to use items can affect the
ability of other members to effectively use the space. Every member must manage their
use of these items to ensure others have access to them.
6. Excessive use can also be considered as repeated use of the same items over a longer
period of time, resulting in the same member finishing or disposing of a spent item.
7. Where members have planned a project that requires free to use consumables (e.g.
glue, abrasive papers, or angle grinder discs) they should bring their own items, or make
an appropriate donation to cover their use.
8. Discretionary donation items are not stocked items and may not be replenished by the
space in the future.
9. Members must inform the relevant team, or the trustees, on Slack when free to use or
chargeable items require replenishment.
10. Use of all items will be monitored by the relevant teams and the trustees. Members will
be warned, temporarily banned, or permanently banned if this fair use policy is not
followed, as well as when non-compliance is repeated.
11. Defunct equipment is only made available at the discretion of the trustees and in
conversation with them. Removal of space owned equipment without consent will be
considered as theft.