Clear Desk and Floor Policy

Please keep the space in a pleasant, clean and tidy state. Wash up any kitchenware and sweep up any sawdust etc. Pack away your projects when you’re not working on them and put tools back where they belong. Items left on desk surfaces may be moved or disposed. Hot food/drink etc is allowed however please be considerate of others when consuming strong smelling foods.

Clean and put away any equipment you have been using. Clear and clean the area you have used including the kitchen and social area. Cleaning products, cloths etc are kept under the kitchen sink.

There is a lost property box located by the white door at the Space. Please use it for items left on desks etc.

Floors and accessways must be kept clear for accessibility to wheelchair users.

Projects in progress are permitted to be left out if it is required. Please refer to the Members’ Storage Policy.

If you are the last keyholder to leave, please make sure the space is clean. If the task becomes excessive due to lots of existing dirt when you open the space, or ten other people leave before you and leave a massive mess, then please report it to Trustees and we’ll examine the CCTV and speak to the individuals concerned.